Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tuesdays with Blaster at Tree & The Seed: TMWAJ - Tracks 1 , 2, and 3

Go here for initial comments on album and the linear notes. 

Today's installment is over the first (1st) three (3) tracks of Blaster the Rocket Man's 1999 release, The Monster Who Ate Jesus.

Track 1 – Deploy All Monsters Now!

With hand clapping and chanting “Destroy-oi-hoy-oi-hoy!!!” this album begins. You tap your fingers; you nod your head; bloodflow quickens through your veins. (Is punk rock efficacious?) Transitioning into full band (guitar, bass, drums), the instrumentation continues to carry the tune with four/four beat and two chords, and it is masterfully catchy. Mapping the soundscape is a bit complicated because eventually music structure speeds up, chords change, and before long the song is running away like a train destined to derail . . . inevitable, eventually there is a  jangling of tonalities and broken rhythms, structure is lost and musical measure is made molten, the listener is pummeled by the feedback of electric guitar, etc., and then the song concludes with a simple bass guitar line, and over that bass line an excerpt is sung from For Science (originally performed by They Might Be Giants).
Destroy! [repeat, etc.]
.  .  .
I will date the girl from Venus
Flowers die and so will I
Yes, I will kiss the girl from Venus for science!
This is a great song. This is a great Track 1. A great way to kickstart an album. Blaster draws the listener in with familiarity but then introduces tension and offset the initial coherence with mystery (both musically and lyrically). Call me a sucker, but I am hooked!

Track 2 It Came from Down South

This track is an instrumental. Western, chink-a-chink rhythm guitar and hand-claps (with bass and drums, obviously), which is then offset with a simple and infectious guitar lead. It will make you dance and smile.

Track 3 – Hopeful Monsters are Dying Everyday

A punk-rock (Ramones feeling, somewhat) tune with vocal vibrato. The oscillating voice really grips you, especially the repetitious "bodies, bodies!" The song is short and sweet . . . less than a minute and a half long. Overall, music is strong but it is the lyrics that are absolutely fantastic.
We're all hoping for a beneficial mutation
in our bodies, bodies
Beyond adaptation or variation
of our bodies, bodies
We wanna' take the next step
We wanna' transcend, but
Hopeful monsters are dying everyday

We wanna' breed the new breed
of bodies, bodies
Searching for a mate
who'll thwart the state
that is the fate of our bodies, bodies
They say if anyone can
The "superman" can
Still hopeful monsters are dying!

New creatures in Christ
inherit bodies glorified
yet we carry in our bodies
the Death of Jesus
which is the hope
of life eternal

The hope of glory
We hope in God

Take up and listen!

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